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Products that bring your natural aspirations to life.

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Lock your thoughts

Lock Journal lets you dives into your imagination.

Handmade Paper

Our Handmade Journals embody elegance & simplicity .

Embrace Your Essence.
Your Journey, Your
Story, Our Craft

Every Kihan creation is a pledge to individuality and environmental stewardship. With a blend of traditional artisanship and eco-innovation, our products are designed to enrich your daily rituals, whether through writing, sketching, or organizing. They embody a commitment to the earth and to the unique stories of those who choose them. Experience the simplicity of sustainable luxury with Kihan — where each item is a step toward a more mindful and beautiful life.


We Hear
       Your Love

“Hey, it's very beautiful diary... I really liked it.”

Vishal Chauhan

“I received yet wonderful journals and I love the ones that were picked out and I can't wait to fill them up and buy some more.”


“More than liking! They're incredible and impeccable and I've never seen anything like it before.”


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